The Wall, a projection

Created for an installation outside the Artist Trust Auction held at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion in December of 2008, this Flash animation was a projection of an image of a wall, on itself.  Keying off of the luminous facade projections known to occur during the Fête des Lumières in Lyon, France, the idea was to morph the real wall into a wall of another place, another time, another culture.  That other culture was China, the other wall, the Great Wall.


Note, click on the image above or this link to view the 25 minute, 16MB .swf file.  (Audio was not part of the intended installation).


Tokyo 2025

Back in August of 2008 Artist, Nate Strottrup (Dead End Press) and I collaborated to create a projection on a facade outside Barca Nightclub in Seattle for a special one-night-only event.  The theme was “Tokyo 2025”.

Nate’s amazing prints and drawings hardly needed the addition of my motion (a little oil, water, an overhead projector, and Flash), as the stories and emotion in each image are spellbinding.  They were so fun to combine and manipulate for the resulting projection on a 24′ long, 8′ tall translucent facade with keyhole doorway.  Thanks to some friendly neighbors, we projected from a 2nd story apartment across the street.


Note, click on the image above or this link to view the 10 minute, 22MB .swf file.  (Audio was not part of our intended projection).